Services for Teachers


Personal ELT supports continuing professional development by sharing current good practice in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. We provide practical ideas, techniques, resources and bespoke workshops aimed at improving teaching and learning, including for those learners who have specific learning differences (SpLDs).  We also offer ideas for exploiting the linguistic and cultural knowledge of second language speakers in the classroom and across the curriculum.

Oracy Development

Increasing pupils’ confidence in speaking and developing not only their skills for communicating for particular purposes but also for evaluating their own and others’ contributions are crucial for children’s success within and beyond school.  Personal ELT can support teachers in elevating the status of talk, designing communicative tasks, analyzing and foregrounding functional uses of language and measuring outcomes via assessment for learning.

Communicating across cultures

We can provide training for teachers and support staff in cultural awareness and intercultural communication so that pupils and families feel understood and valued during exchanges with school.  Skills that we aim to develop and which can be propagated across the school are: recognising different communication styles; effective listening; clarifying and reformulating; communicating positively; avoiding misinterpretation in spoken and written language; and negotiating and compromising.

Language Awareness and Teaching SPAG

With a more rigorous curriculum demanding breadth and depth of linguistic knowledge, teachers may feel they want to update their own understanding and use of grammar, particularly for writing.  Personal ELT offers one-to-one mentoring, filling in individual gaps in knowledge and offering feedback on all forms of written communication, as well as providing bespoke workshops for teachers.  We also offer ideas for spicing up SPAG, for embedding it into every subject and for giving pupils more responsibility for their own language development.

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