Services for Students

Personal ELT can support you every step of the way through your university education.  If you’re unfamiliar with a British higher education environment, then Personal ELT can help you understand both academic and social conventions and develop your English for academic purposes and your language for everyday use.

Academic Writing

We know that academic writing can pose new challenges, and we offer support from beginning to end of the assignment process. These are areas where we can offer our expertise, giving you the best chance of success in your written assignments:

  • Analysing the title and addressing all parts of the question
  • Planning your paper and structuring your ideas
  • Reading critically and keeping accurate notes
  • Citing, referencing, paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Academic style, voice and argument
  • Sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation
  • Giving detailed, constructive feedback on drafts of your work
  • Helping you understand and implement tutor feedback

Dissertation Supervision

If you are at the dissertation stage of your academic journey, Personal ELT offers dissertation supervision, helping you better understand your university’s requirements and respond to your tutor’s advice.  Apart from offering the above academic writing services, we also provide dissertation-specific support as follows:

  • Formulating good research questions
  • Creating an appropriate research design
  • Understanding important concepts of epistemology, ontology, methodology, methods and ethics
  • Asking accurate and appropriate questions in questionnaires, interviews and focus groups
  • Analysing and interpreting your data
  • Writing the component parts of a dissertation: abstract; introduction; literature review; methods; findings; discussion; conclusion
  • Turning your distinction into a publishable journal article

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