Services for HE Academics

Support for lectures, presentations, supervisions and meetings:

Delivering lectures in a second language can be a daunting prospect, even more so now with the pressure of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in England.  Personal ELT can help you organize your lecture or presentation content in a logical, coherent way, using appropriate and accurate English.  We can also help you feel more confident with your use of English for the workplace, supporting intelligible pronunciation and developing sociolinguistic competence.

If you’re looking to cater for all learners in your classroom and increase participation, then Personal ELT can provide advice and/or workshops on best practice for teaching students from different linguistic, educational and cultural backgrounds, including those with specific learning differences (SpLDs). 

Support for writing:

Whether you’re compiling your HEA portfolio or revising your latest paper for publication, Personal ELT can help develop your written English for different genres via personal mentoring sessions or extensive feedback on your drafts.

We also provide a proofreading and editing service for post-graduate students and academics, including:

  • Structure, logical development, paragraphing and cohesion  
  • Argumentation and voice
  • Academic style
  • Naturalness of language
  • Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and punctuation
  • Citing, referencing, paraphrasing
  • Advice on strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • Responding to peer reviews and implementing feedback

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