Krista saw my uniqueness and potential as a non-native speaker which made me stop positioning myself in a weaker position. My performance progressed dramatically; my MA dissertation achieved a very high score and later got published in a UK journal, and now I’m not far away from completion of a PhD at Lancaster University. Due to her help, I’ve also presented papers at several conferences. I feel extremely confident to recommend her to anyone who lacks confidence but is ambitious about their dreams.
— Jianchengshi, PhD student (Taiwan)
Krista gave me advice about the structure of my work and referred me to some poignant literature whenever I needed it. Her experience working with foreign students made it easier for her to understand some areas I wanted to develop in my MA and for me not to feel ashamed to approach her when I was unsure how to phrase things in English. I will certainly refer back to her for future submissions.
— Christelle, Senior Lecturer and MA Ed student (France)
Krista worked with me in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cumbria, where I was a visiting scholar. With weekly personal tutorials, she helped me to develop my oral English and gave me confidence communicating with colleagues in English. I would recommend Krista’s services to any academic wishing to develop their general and academic English language skills.
— Dilek, University Lecturer (Turkey)
Krista taught me language awareness and critical thinking and imparted her knowledge about English language teaching, training me as a high school English teacher. As my dissertation tutor, she offered me a lot support and constructive feedback. Krista has really helped me a lot in my teaching life and I was very lucky to have her as a teacher.
— Corda, English Teacher (China)
I would not have progressed so much without Krista’s help and advice. I am very grateful to her.
— Jerry, Undergraduate Student (Nigeria)