Krista saw my uniqueness and potential as a non-native speaker which made me stop positioning myself in a weaker position. My performance progressed dramatically; my MA dissertation achieved a very high score and later got published in a UK journal, and now I’m not far away from completion of a PhD at Lancaster University. Due to her help, I’ve also presented papers at several conferences. I feel extremely confident to recommend her to anyone who lacks confidence but is ambitious about their dreams.
— Jianchengshi, PhD student (Taiwan)
Krista gave me advice about the structure of my work and referred me to some poignant literature whenever I needed it. Her experience working with foreign students made it easier for her to understand some areas I wanted to develop in my MA and for me not to feel ashamed to approach her when I was unsure how to phrase things in English. I will certainly refer back to her for future submissions.
— Christelle, Senior Lecturer and MA Ed student (France)
Without Krista I wouldn’t have been able to complete my dissertation. Krista changed my thought process and guided me in improving ways to express myself in a more detailed way. I would highly recommend Krista as a personal tutor. She is experienced, dedicated and goes the extra mile for her tutees. What’s more, she’s reliable and gives fast and detailed feedback. Without a doubt I have seen a difference in my work and my grades!
— Lizzie, Undergraduate Student (UK)
Krista worked with me in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cumbria, where I was a visiting scholar. With weekly personal tutorials, she helped me to develop my oral English and gave me confidence communicating with colleagues in English. I would recommend Krista’s services to any academic wishing to develop their general and academic English language skills.
— Dilek, University Lecturer (Turkey)
I definitely recommend Krista for international students. Studying in a new educational system is a challenge so I am so grateful for the personal support I received. In addition, Krista is willing to answer questions related to writing and grading and language use to name but a few. I think her support is what made me enjoy the challenge.
— Asma, Master's student (Saudi Arabia)
Krista taught me language awareness and critical thinking and imparted her knowledge about English language teaching, training me as a high school English teacher. As my dissertation tutor, she offered me a lot support and constructive feedback. Krista has really helped me a lot in my teaching life and I was very lucky to have her as a teacher.
— Corda, English Teacher (China)
Krista’s guidance in my dissertation for my Master’s in Architecture improved my grade significantly. She helped me to structure my work and reformulate my ideas to express myself in a more meaningful way. She’s very quick in providing feedback and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with their writing.
— Mo, Master's student (UK)
I have to say, your notes and corrections are spot on. Thank you so much. I wish I had found you at the beginning of my course!
— Anna, Master's student (UK)
I would not have progressed so much without Krista’s help and advice. I am very grateful to her.
— Jerry, Undergraduate Student (Nigeria)
I got a merit on my dissertation! This would not have happened without your feedback. I am very grateful for that. I could not be happier to finally graduate. Thank you for being on my journey.
— Sara, Master's student (Saudi Arabia)